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“NDC takes great pride in ensuring you get exactly what you want, not just in terms of furniture, but also the vision and essence of your project. From our first chat about what you need, to the ongoing management of a complex global supply chain on your behalf, our priority is exceeding your expectations—and then some.”

– Johnny Collins, CEO
  • Total Project
  • 360-Visibility & Oversight
  • High Quality
  • Budget-Friendly
Total Visibility During Your Project

What makes NDC’s process so unique is everything that goes into it behind the scenes before your custom furniture even hits production. From the first collaborative call until the products arrive at your door — expect 360-visibility during every step when you partner with NDC. That’s how we ensure you get exactly what you want at the price you want it.

Furniture Made to Fit Your Vision

Our process is based entirely on each unique client who comes to us, but all of our partnerships are designed with collaboration and clear communication in mind. From the moment you reach out, we’ll work with you closely to bring the furniture you need to life at the lowest cost possible. At every point in the project, we want to know: Is this what you have in mind?

Close Oversight of Your Products

Once you’ve seen and are excited about your products, we head into production! While we welcome close involvement with our clients, we want you to know that—no matter how involved you are—you don’t have to worry about this part of the furniture process.

Quality Service from a Reliable Partner

Our job is to ensure you always know exactly where your products are and what you’re getting on delivery day. With established factory relationships and the ability to scale without compromising on quality, NDC provides this level of undeniably unique service every time.

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Quality Products at the Price You Need

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